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To date (February 2018) Aortas has hosted or taught at 30 residential workshops and a few one-day workshops. For our next workshops, click here.

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2012 April: Arhus, Denmark; May: Ruse, Slovenia; August: Yspertal, Austria; September: Donard, Ireland; October: Winslow, UK.

2013 January: Give, Denmark; April: Wroclaw, Poland; May: Winslow, UK; July: Regensburg, Germany; July: Yspertal, Austria

2014 January: Give, Denmark; May: Northampton, UK; July: Yspertal, Austria

2015 January: Give, Denmark (teaching, five days); May: Northampton/Winslow, UK; June: Haus Der Musik, Vienna; July: Landhotel Yspertal

2016 June: Everdon, UK; Haus Der Musik, Vienna; July: Landhotel Yspertal

2017 May: Everdon, UK; July: Landhotel Yspertal; October: Everdon, UK.

2018 May: Exeter, UK; June: Everdon UK; August: Everdon, UK

Participant Feedback from the June 2016 Spring Songwriting Workshop:

‘Great ideas and stimulus, great ability and expertise, and great organisation’

‘Bloody brilliant songs - shame we hardly ever get to hear any. Hilarious man, excellent advice and tips on making songs better, and damn! That twerking!’

‘Best ever!’

‘Dan had some great ideas to try out to help broaden songwriting skills. Thanks.’

‘A man of ideas. Brought plenty to the co-write I was involved in.’

‘Stayed user-focused whilst having to deal with a ton of organisational stuff.’

‘So helpful; I’ve learned loads on this workshop! You’ve inspired me to write in different styles and think more about rhythm. Thank you!! :)’

‘I have appreciated your facilitator styles development lots, plus knowing when to hold back-despite your musical abilities and the myriad possible fixes you see.’

‘The best of these workshops yet! You were obviously very happy throughout, Food was well organised, Great relevant workshops.’

‘Dan has been a great inspiration to myself with structures and other ways to look at your own material. Very passionate in what he does for others, more than he does for himself.’

‘Thanks for another great workshop. Thanks for being an inspiration :D ’